Records From The Parish Church of Elsdon

A selection of records transcribed from the NRO.

1673 Wm Anderson of Birdhopecrag and Isabella Harle of Otterburn 3rd Apr
1674 Elioner do Robert Anderson Birdhopecrag and Mary 19th Apr
1675 Elioner bastard do George Anderson of Birdhopecrag
1675 John so Wm and Dorothy of Birdhopecrag
        a daughter of Wm Anderson buried
1678 Elenor wife of Thomas Dunn of Duns buried
        so Mathew Anderson of Birdhopecrag buried
1686 Mathew Anderson of Birdhopecrag buried
        Wm so Mathew of Birdhopecrag buried
1688 Ralph Dunn of Duns and Jane Hedley of Garretshields married
1689 son of Archibold Dunn and Applina buried
1691 Isabel ux Edward Davidson of Birdhopecrag buried
1692 Barbary ux Ralph Anderson of Birdhopecrag buried
1693 daughter of Ralf anderson and Barbary of Loaning baptised
        Thos Dunn of Duns buried
1695 Elenor do Archibold Dunn buried
        Ralf Anderson of Birdhopecrag buried
        Katrin do Ralf Anderson and Barbary
1697 George Anderson senior buried
        Mathew Anderson of Birdhopecrag and Jane Davison of Cottonhopehead married
1700 Robert Anderson of Birdhopecrag buried
        Margery Anderson, widow of Birdhopecrag buried
1700 20 Jun a daughter of Thos Himerth and Ann of Whitlees

May 1700 Joseph so Thomas Hindmarsh of Whites
20 May 1701 George Hymers and Barbary Pye married
4 Apr 1703 Hester do George Hymers of Elsdon
18 Jul 1703 Susannah do George Hymers of Monkridge
14 Dec 1704 Edward so George Hymers of Elsdon
3 Apr 1705 Ann do Thos Hymers of Realees
3 Jun 1706 John so George Hymers of Monkridge
Nov 1706 John so George Hymers of Monkridge baptised
1710 Anne do George Hymers of Monkridge
Feb 1710 John so George Hymers buried

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