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Various Early Mentions of Hindmarsh and Variants

1180 - Wauter Hayms was Prior of Blackburg, Norfolk.

1332 - Thomas del Hames lived at Hames Hall in Papcastle, Cumberland.

1345-1381 - John de Hyndmersh. (See Morgan Thomas 9) Court Roll A of Thomas de Hatfield, Bishop of Durham 8 May 1345 to 8 May 1381. Morgan Thomas v William Blesthorn. The names on bail in this case which concerns the burning of a house are: John de Hyndemersh etc. 1349 - The "Black Death" reached Yorkshire about 30 Jun 1349 and the north of Northumberland on 31 Dec 1349. It is estimated that one third of the population of England died from the plague.

1400-1500 - 15th Centry Bailiff Rolls of the Earls of Northumberland. Vol 134 Surtees Society: Roberto Hyndmarche, Willelmo Hyndmarche and Richard Hyndmarche.

1409 - John Hindmers was No. 11 in the Register of Freeman of Newcastle. (Newcastle Records Committee Register of Freeman).

1472-3 - The Account Roll of William Hyndemerche reeve of Hedley, 2 cottages leased by court roll for three years to be rebuilt by him at his own cost. The other tenants at will holding 1 messuage each were: Edward Hyndemarshe and Richard Hyndemarshe etc. Richard Hyndemarshe held a close called Yondeswode. New Rent from william Torner for a parcel of pasture newly enclosed from the lords common and leased to him for 3 years. The second 13s 4d from a new approvement of Richard Surtas, enclosed by him from the said common. (Hedley & Hedley Woodside - Parish of Ovingham p171 Vol X11 History of Northumberland).

1478 - Bond Note A(3) XIII P#$. December 11 Bond of Ralph Herbotell esq. Wm Lumley, gent, and Wm Hyndmersch, yeoman to Peter Bewyele (Sheriff of Newcastle 1477-78. Mayor 1490-91.

1483 - Hyndmers of Alnwick. Reference from "History of Alnwick" by George Tate.

1484-1507 - Alasn De Hindmerse (also spelt Hyndmerrse) was vicar of Berwick on Tweed.

1485 - Johannes Hynemarch, tiler. The Freemen of York (those paid in full) Vol 1-96 p210 Surtees Society.

1487-88 - Cuthbert Hyndemers. History of Northumberland, Vol XII. "Boundaries of Higham". The following depositon was taken: "It knowen to all them that shall here or see this present writyng, that I Agnas Sharparow beying iiiixx yerez olde and more not coact nor constrayned nor entreated by no maner of meanes shew before Thomas Herbatell, vicar of Ponteland, Syr Robt, Stevenson, parochprest, John Midford, yentil man, |John Norton, Cuthbert Hyndemers, Mathew Clark, Robt Underwod, yoman, that busehow banks and thorny banks and Hathery bank and hanhand bray gangyng to Sandford atte ende of the grene way that commys fro Disshyngton betwix it and byres felde, and so retorne upp to the Westside of the strete whilez they com to the long Hedelande and yan into Philbert hope Heued whilez they com to certeyn stonez and so to the bog myre and than upp an olde dike to the full gap, is and has been the bounds of Higham grounde. And this I take upon me is trew before this Witnes aboue reherzed the yere of our Lorde god MccccLxxxvii, the day of the monethe of ffebruar xxii.

1499-1500 - Willemo Hynmers, Ovingham. P156 Vol Xii History of Northumberland - Cartington's Rental for the year - Free tenants. The prior of Durham etc Carto Thome Yonge facto Willelmo Hynmers de terris suis in villact campis de Prodhowe - Dur Treas 1ma 3 cie Spec 26.
Concessio Thome Yonge facta prescripto Willelmo Hynmers de terris suis prescriptis de Prudhowe quosque solvantur Willelmo Hymers liiis iiiid per dictum. Thoman pro dictis terris et suum assignatum in redempcione tervarum qui liiiis iiiid crant soluti Willelmo Hynmers in redempcion earundem ferrarum in parte solucianis pro impetracione earundea ferrarum de predicto Thomas Yonga ad.... monasterium.

1499-1500 - Vol13 p155 - History of Northumberland. Cartington's Survey of Earl of Northumberland's lands. This year tenants of Butterly... William Hindmarsh.

1501 - At a visitation of 16 Nov 1501- Kirkwhelpington: Dean Robert Watson, vicar, was present as were...Thomas Himmers.."parochiane who said all was well..."

1513 - "History of the Parish of Wallsend" - Wm Richardson 1923 - "Athenae Oxonionles. - "History of Writers and Bishops Educated at Oxford" - MDCXCI. Edward Hindmarsh variously named (Hyndmers), (Hinmers), (Inmarsh)and (Henmarshe)was Benedictine monk who advanced to high office in the Durham monastery. He took his BA degree at Oxford in 1513. He was appointed warden of Durham College at Oxford in 1527, became a Doctor of Divinity in 1553 and held the office of Spiritual Chancellor to Bishop Tunstall. He continued warden of the Durham College Oxford until the monastery was surrendered on 31st December 1540 and, as the College at Oxford was not regranted to Durham, Henry VIII made him the First Prebendary of the first stall in the Cathedral.

1530-31 - 12th Jan. Protest against the claim of Henry VIII to assume the title of "unicum et supremus caput" of the English Church: Thomas Hyndmer etc. Records of the Northern Convocation. Vol 113, Surtees Society.

1532 - Robert Hyndmer - Last Dean of Lanchester 1532 and Auckland 1541. Rector of Stanhope 1545-48 - Vol 1 p139 Surtees Society. Vol 2 p126, "History of Durham": Robert had a pension of ? per year which was paid in 1553. He died in 1558. Parish registers "All Saints Church, Lanchester Durham.

1533-34 - Cuthbert Hinmers BA 6th Mar 1533/34 Oxford. Rector of Congham St Andrew 1552 and of Congham St Mary, Norfolk 1555. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastic.

1536 - John Hyndmers was vicar of Alston Cumberland until 23rd Sept 1558.

1536 - Concerning George Hyndmers - Sub-Prior of Hexham. "on the 28th of Sept 1536, Sir Cuthbert Radcliffe, Lionel Crag, William Grene, James Rokeby, and Robert Collingwood, the King's Commissioners, with a few attendants, rode up along the banks of the Tyne with the purpose of putting an end to the foundation of Hexham. When they reached Dilston the strange news arrived that the "Canons" were up in arms, and had fortified their house with guns and all manner of artillery intending to themselves to the last. A halt was ordered, and an anxious discussion ensued as to the best steps to take under the circumstances. Eventually, it was agreed that Gray and Collingwood should go forward with a small company. When they reached Hexham they found that the news they had received was perfectly true. The steep and narrow streets, as they passed through,were full of angry and excited men, who were hurrying to arms to the tolling of the town "alarum bell", as if they were preparing to resist an invasion of the Scots. The great fray bell of the priory rang out an answering peal that only added to the general babelof sound, and announced the approach of the expected foe. the people hurried out to defend their beloved church, and the Commissioners arrived only to find the doors all locked and barred and the walls lined with armed men. The Master of Ovingham, who was the ringleader of the resistance, stood upon the walls in complete harness with a strung box in his hands. So dangerous a situation must have seriosly disturbed the equanimity of the Commissioners, but the least they could was to demand instance admittance and the respect due from loyal subjects to the King's writ and seal. The Master of Ovingham boldly replied: "We be twenti brethren in this house and we shall dye all, yet shall ye have this house." The Commissioners then presented their credentials, and the Master of Ovingham retired to take counsel with his brethren. Before long however, he re-appeared accompanied by the Sub-Prior, George Hyndmers. His only answer was, "We doo nott doubte bott ye bring with yow the kings seall of auctiorite for this hous, albeitt ye shall se here tjhe kings confirmacion of our hous under the great seall of King Henry the VIII th God save his grace. we think it nott the kings honor to gyff furthe oon scall contrary to an other, and afore any other of our landes, goods, or hous be takin frome us we shall all dye and yt is our full answer." The Church and Priory of St Andrew, Hexham Priory. Exchequer Special Commissions No.1747 - 18th Nov 1587, p157 Vol III History of Northumberland.

1538 Gawan Hyndmers was holding one-seventh of the township of Wallsend under the Prior and Convent of Durham at a rental of 34s 7d.

1547 - Thos Hynemers held one burgage, formerly "Rowland Rowle" now "Thos Hynmers, St Martin's and Whitsuntide". At a rent of 3d (Survey of Hexham). History of Northumberland Vol III p81 - Survey of Hexham Manor.

1547 - John Hindemers - Rent- 7s 3d, Land: one parcel of land called ffosterhowse - Given: 18 Oct. Henry VIII, p72 Vol III - History of Northumberland/Hexhamshire.

1547 - In the certificate of all Chauntries etc in Northumberland of 13 Feb Edward VI (1547) under Whelpyngton appear "Landes & possessions perteyning to the fynding of one Prest within the Paryshe Churche of Whelpyngton, George Hyndemers, incumbent, of the age of LVIIj yeres (the "L" was recorded as I), meanly learned, of honest conversacion and "Qualytes" "having no other lyving than the same."

1552 William Hyndmarshe - Parish of Ovingham. In the rental of 1552 the farmer tenants at will were: Edward Hyndmarshe, Richard Hyndmarshe. The present tenants at will, William Hyndmarshe etc.

1561 - 28th Mar. "Article between Thomas Tempest of Lanchester & Elizabeth his wife concerning a parcel of the lands formerly belonging to the hospital of St Edmond the Confessor in Gateshead", signed William Hyndmers etc...

1564-5 - Michael Hindmarsh BA 17/1 1564-5 - Fellow of Oriel College. At Oxford from Westmorland.

1566- Edward Hindmarsh - Scholar of Trinity College, Oxford University - BA on 5 Jul 1566 MA 4 Dec 1570 - Oxford History Society Collectonea III 25.III.218.

1567 - Admitted Freemen of Newcastle: George Hindmers - Butcher No. 32. George Hindmers - Joiner - No.904.

1581 - Thomas Hyndemarshe, Reeve, Hedley rents & farms etc. Robert Hindemarshe,Reeve, Whelpington rents and farms - livery monies. Northumberland Estate Records Vol 163, Surtees Society p10.

1585 - William Himers - Master Mariner - Freeman of Newcastle - No 167.

1585/86 - Livery and seisen presense of Gawyn Hyndmers his x mark...AA(2)XXIII p251.

1586 - There were in the township of Beanley 24 tenant farmers...John Hyndmers, George Hyndmers, George Hyndmers, William Hyndmers and Thomas Hyndmers - A(3) XIX p68.

1586 - Parish of Ovingham. "History of Northumberland" Vol XII p172, Stockdale's Survey - The tenants at will were: William son of Richard Hindmarsh.

1591 - Many cases of remarkable longevity are recorded for the Parish of Woodhorne...Aug 1591 according to evidence given on 2nd May 1617 by George Burletson,the parish clerk, who was "borne and brought up in Woodhorne Towne", and George Hindmers of Cresswell: "there died here an old man of the name of Alex Clark, above six score years of aige". Hindmer's mother also, who lived at Cresswell, was "above five score and tenn years old when she died about the year 1615". P(2)IX p112.

1593 - No. 3326 2.XVIIj die Dec'br Aod'ni. "For settinge up a wyndhuse, takinge downe of the gret orgayns, carryinge of the same to the petican ons hall and carryinge the same bak agayn and settinge up in the former plaice and for skaffoldinge, tymber worke and lerns worke obowte the Cellases. Cuthb. Hindmers for some days at 8d and 5d etc. S'ma, XIIIjs VId (13s-6d)." Signed by the Dean and Sacristan. Durham Account Rolls VIII - The Surtees Society.

1612 - John Hyndemarshe, Whelpington "the pasture of Caldwell etc. Northumberland Estate Records, Vol 163 p10 Surtees Society.

1618 - "Murder of William Delaval in Northumberland."...servant, Cuthbert Hymers, his piper.....Mr Thirwall, the piper Hymers and Thomas Dickson were not so fortunate, being committed as prisoners to the castle of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. A3(II) p168/9.

1618 - The Library of Trinity College, Oxford was re-fitted by a bequest from Edward Hyndmer, an ex-Fellow - History of Oxfordshire p142.

1624 - Roger Hynmers. Estreat of the manor of Bearl (Bearl Township). The Parish of Bywell St Andrews Manerium de Bearle. "The Extracts as well of the Courte Lete as of the Courte Berrone houlding ther in the right of the Right Honorable Katharine Cavendish, the XXIIj day of September, anno domini 1624 before Sir William Carnaby, knight by Dionis Wilson, steward for the tyme beinge. William Hunter, pledge for Roger Hynmers, for cutting of wood...."

1695 - William Hindmarsh, Smith, Admitted Freeman of Newcastle.

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