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Frances Hindmarsh 1851

Frances was born at her Grandparent's house, ie at her mother Frances Wilkinson's parents home in Bondgate Without, Alnwick on 1st April 1851. Her mother and her older siblings were staying there while William Hindmarsh, her father, was staying at St Clement Danes in Middlesex as a boarder, no doubt in preparation for him joining the civil service.

Frances is not shown on the census return for 1851 and so the census was taken before 1st April 1851, her mother is listed as a visitor and as a Grocer's wife;

Thomas Wilkinson 61
Jane Wilkinson 63
Jane Wilkinson 20
Frances Hindmarsh 32
Percival Hindmarsh 9
Mary Ann Hindmarsh 6
Jane Hindmarsh 4
Elizabeth Hindmarsh 2

1861 Census Age: 10 daughter of Steward at Dartmoor Prison, Lydford, Devon.

1871 Census Age: 20 assistant schoolmistress at Dodington, Shropshire with her sisters.

The School in Whitchurch, Shropshire

Following some research I believe the school was at 28 Dodington Street, Whitchurch.
Apparently a lithograph by W Crane of about 1830 shows the house with only two dormer windows however later restoration added a third dormer, and removed the stucco applied to the street frontage.

Some notable features inside:
- a dog-leg oak staircase rising to the attic
- all internal partitions are timber-framed
- one turned baluster is inserted upside-down, a feature found elsewhere in Whitchurch
- the small parlour is fully panelled
- there are four attic rooms, one with original panelled door, one with small fireplace

Some social history of the house:
- Most of 19th century: Boarding school/seminary for young ladies, run by the Miss Cooks (1818); Miss Sophia Veale (1868), then by Misses Mary and Jane Hindmarsh. Miss Ada Keitley took over in 1894 until she moved across the road to the Mansion House between 1902 and 1905.
- 1929: bought by veterinary surgeon Mr Gerard Hoban, who added the stucco frontage, and adapted the ground floor interior to suit the requirements of his work.
- 1949: Mr Hoban's widow sold both house and practice.

Frances' sister Mary Ann had married Rev James Balshaw in 1873 in Whitchurch, Shropshire and it is likely that the school was then taken over by others soon afterwards as Mary Ann would have moved with her husband with his work.

Frances Travels to Australia

The Lusitania
In 1879, after the school in Whitchurch had been handed over to others to run, Frances for some reason travelled to Australia. Maybe as a result of her teaching, Frances was given the opportunity to be a governess or maybe she went on family business relating to her Uncle Percival who died in 1859 but that seems less likely. Quite possibly she travels to Australia to marry.

Frances travels on the Lusitania leaving from London on 19 May 1879, or Plymouth on 22 May, and arrives in Victoria, Australia on Saturday 5th July 1879.

Lusitania Passengers;

Mr and Mrs John Dunn and family (4)
Mr and Miss Farrell
Mr and Mrs CH Wreford
Mr and Mrs Everard
Capt Gounerson
Misses Clark, Hughes and Wreford in first cabin
Messrs Thomas Give, W Thomas and son, John Oake, A Stephenson, WT Knox, KH Herring, WW Driffield, T Jenkins, Mesdames Davis and Haycock, Miss Hindmarsh in second cabin
Miss C Piers, Maggies GourlayEllen and Isabella Jack, H and G Wedanmeyer, H Rebenna, Eliz Barber, Mr and Mrs Whinner, Mrs Kinsman and child, Mr and Mrs Thomas and 4 children, Mr and Mrs Godley and child, Mr and Mrs Holder and two children, Mr and Mrs Godley and child, Elizabeth Poole, Mr and Mrs Vicaray and child, in third cabin,
and twenty nine in steerage.

Only 19 days after arriving in Australia Frances marries Frank Bengough Jones!

Frances marries in Australia

The Argus Melbourne 2 Aug 1879

"Jones-Hindmarsh - On the 24th ult. at 1 Gloucester Street, Kensington, by the Rev JJ Thornton, Frank Bengough Jones, formerly of Liverpool, England to Frances, fourth daughter of William Hindmarsh, Esq, also of Liverpool."

In Liverpool in 1871, Frank lived in Crown Street, Liverpool with his wife and small child and Frances' father, William Hindmarsh, lived in St Johns Road which was less than a mile away. Frank's wife and daughter die in 1873 and it is quite possible that his family and the Hindmarsh family were acquainted, possibly through the church. Did Frances get to know him in Liverpool? The widowed Frank goes to Port Phillip Bay, Australia arriving on 7 Jan 1876. Maybe he and Frances kept in touch and then decided to marry, and so Frances travelled to Australia in 1879, who knows?

"In the Colony of Victoria Schedule D - 28 Vict no 269
CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE District Bourke Number in Register 7
On July 24th 1879 at 1 Gloucester Street, Kensington. Marriage after solemn declaration was solemnized between US according to the order of the New Church

Signature: Francis Bengough Jones
Residence: Present 1 Gloucester Street, Kensington, Usual 9 Flinders Street W, Melbourne
Age: 36
Rank or Profession: Commission Agent
Condition: Widower, If Widower: former wife deceased in 1873, children 2, living none, dead 2
Birth Place: Marden, Herefordshire, England
Parent's Names and Rank or Profession: Father Thomas Jones Farmer, Mother Anne Jones (Bengough)

Signature:Frances Hindmarsh
Residence: Present 1 Gloucester Street, Kensington, Usual 1 Gloucester Street, Kensington
Age: 28
Rank or Profession: Gentlewoman
Condition: Spinster
Birth Place: Alnwick, Northumberland, England
Parent's Names and Rank or Profession: Father William Hindmarsh Gentleman, Mother Frances Hindmarsh (Wilkinson)
Witnesses: Joshua Davies and ?"

Both Frank Bengough Jones and John his brother travelled to Australia in 1876 along with another Frank Bengough Jones aged only 3. They arrived in Victoria, Australia on 07 Jan 1876 (from UK, a WR Jones travels on the same ship). The 3 year old Frank Bengough Jones was the son of their brother James Jones, who at some time also travelled to Australia and died there in 1912.

Prior to travelling to Australia both Frank Bengough Jones, James Jones and John Jones had all been married but all their wives had died. Francis Bengough Jones was married to Ellen Kerridge and had 2 children but both the children and his wife had died in Liverpool by 1873. John Jones his brother had been married with no children and his wife had died in 1867. James Jones had also been married, to, I believe, Johanna Coombs and had a child Frank Bengough Jones, who stayed in Australia and made a very successful life for himself.

Everything suggests that after their marriage, FB Jones (FBJ1) and Frances Hindmarsh lived happily and their son Frank Bengough Jones (FBJ2) was born in 1880.

Frances and Frank's Family

Husband:Francis Bengough Jones
Birth: 23 Oct 1843 in Marden, Herefordshire, England
Death: 12 Mar 1883 in Kensington, South Australia, Australia
Marriage:24 Jul 1879 in 1 Gloucester St, Kensington, Victoria, Australia
Wife: Frances Hindmarsh
Birth: 01 Apr 1851 in 35 Bondgate Without, Alnwick, Northumberland, England
Death: 1934 in West Derby, Lancashire, England

Frank Bengough Jones
Birth: 05 Jun 1880 in Flemmington Reg No 15834, Australia; His Birth was registered by Alice Harley a domestic servant in the household.
Death: 20 Jun 1970 in Johannesburg, South Africa
William Hindmarsh Jones
Birth: 01 Aug 1882 in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia; Birth registered by FB Jones. Birth at South Street, Rockhampton.
Death: Mar 1980 in Ulverston, Cumbria, England
Marriage: Apr 1911 in Lancashire, United Kingdom
Spouse: Maud Gertrude Forrester

FBJ1 worked as an importer and Draper and in June 1882 was welcomed into partnership with Joshua Davies and Co of Rockhampton. He and Frances had a baby on the way and their second son William Hindmarsh Jones was born 1st August 1882, however soon after that FBJ1 became very ill and in January 1883 he made his will knowing he was dying, he then died at the age of 40 on 12 March 1883 when FBJ2 was only 3 years old and his brother William was just 6 months old. FBJ1 died of Pulmonary Pthysis otherwise known as Consumption or TB.

Francis Bengough Jones' Will

"This is the last will and testament of me Frank Bengough Jones made the 15th day of January one thousand eight hundred and eighty three as follows. I give, devise and bequeath all my real and personal estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever unto my dear wife Francis Jones her heirs executors administrators and assigns to and for her and their own absolute use and benefit according to the nature and quality thereof respectively subject only to the payment of my debts funeral and tstimentary expenses and the charges of proving and registering this my will. And I appoint my said wife executor of this my only will and hereby revoke all other wills.

In witness thereof I have here unto set my hand the day and year above written
(Signed)Frank Bengough Jones
Signed published and acknowledged by the said Frank Bengough Jones as and for his last Will and Testament in the prescence of us who in his prescence and at his requestand in the prescence of each other have ... our names as witnesses.
(Signed) F J Pa...  and W Y Hindmarsh"

Frances Hindmarsh signs probate
Frances' brother, W Y Hindmarsh, had travelled to Australia 1882 3 September.

You will see that on one of the probate documents Frances has to sign regarding FBJ1's death she starts to sign herself as Frances Hindmarsh then has to scribble that out and write Jones. Frances obtained probate for £76 worth of property owned by Frank in Australia.

Probate was also obtained in England on 6 March 1885 as clearly he had property in England that needed to be administered. Probate is granted to Isabella Hindmarsh, Frances' sister at 379 Scotland Road who acts as attorney for Frances who is living in Melbourne at that time. His estate in England is valued at £15 5s 3d. In total therefore, Frank left Frances about £90 in value.

Frances was then left on her own, she was now in Australia where quite different rules existed compared to England and so 3 years after Frank's death she marries her dead husband's brother John Jones. This would not have been allowed under the marriage rules in England at the time but Australia had far more lax rules.

Frances Marries John Jones 1886

District: Richmond
Date: 8th April 1886
At: 142, Coppin Street, Richmond, Melbourne
Marriage by licence was solemnized between US according to the form of the Congregational Church

Signature: John Jones
Residence: Coffee Palace, Collins Street, Melbourne
Age: forty four
Rank or Profession: Tailor
Condition: Widower, Former wife died 1867. Children: None
Birth Place: Marden, Hereford, England
Father: Thomas Jones, Farmer Mother: Anne Bengough

Signature: Frances Jones
Residence: 142 Coppin Street, Richmond, Melbourne
Age: thirty five
Rank or Profession: -
Condition: Widow, Former husband died 1883. Children: Living: 2, Dead: none
Birth Place: Alnwick, Northumberland, England
Father: William Hindmarsh, Gentleman, Mother: Fanny Wilkinson

I James Alfred Balshaw being Congregational Minister do hereby certify ... etc
Witnesses: William Y Hindmarsh, .... Rankin"

They were married by Rev James Alfred Balshaw her Brother-in-Law who had travelled to Australia with her sister Mary Ann in September 1885.

And so FBJ2 and William now have what was their uncle acting as their father. Frances then goes on to have 3 more children, although one Annie Isabella dies early.

Frances and John Sydney and Frances Adelaide c1892

Frances and John Jones' Family

Husband: John Jones
Birth: 1841 in Marden, Herefordshire, England
Death: 14 Oct 1895 in Prahan Alfred Hospital, reg no 14796 Australia; Acute Pneumonia lasting 2 weeks.
Marriage:08 Apr 1886 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia;
Wife:Frances Hindmarsh
Birth: 01 Apr 1851 in 35 Bondgate Without, Alnwick, Northumberland, England
Death: 1934 in West Derby, Lancashire, England

John Sydney Jones
Birth: 13 Jul 1889 in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Spouse: Daisy Collins
Frances Adelaide Jones
Birth: 19 Oct 1891 in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Death: 08 Feb 1966 in Warwickshire, England
Spouse: Arthur Barclay Cave
Annie Isabella Jones
Birth: 1894 in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Death: 1894 in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Then, sadly, John dies early too. He died on 14 Oct 1895 in Prahan Alfred Hospital, reg no 14796 Australia of Acute Pneumonia lasting 2 weeks.

John's death certificate shows that the informant was James Jones, (his brother) of Scott Street Warracknabeal. John was buried 16th October at Melbourne Cemetery. The death certificate says that John had been in other colonies for 5 years and had been in Victoria for 15 years, confirming that John had travelled to Australia in about 1875/6.

The death certificate provides details of marriages and John's certificate confirms 2 marriages. The first in London when he was 23 years old, ie in about 1864, to Heziah Henderson and the second when he was 45 years old, ie in 1886 to Frances Hindmarsh, it is written as Hindmarsh not Jones. The certificate confirms that he has 2 surviving children from his second marriage and none from the first.

John Jones died intestate which does suggest his death was sudden, however he had had the foresight to take out life insurance with the Australian Alliance Assurance Company and so £196 15s 3d was paid out on his death.

Strangely, The Argus (Melbourne) on 27 July 1895 has an advert for tenders to be forwarded for the sale of the "Insolvent estate of William Davis Oliver of Little Collins Street, Melbourne and in the Trust Estate of John Jones of Bay Street, Port Melbourne." For sale are various fabrics, made up clothes and accessories from the Tailoring trade.

The Intestacy paperwork confirm that John Jones was a Tailor in Bay Street.

The paperwork relating to his intestacy says;
"...and believe that the said John Jones deceased, intestate, left the following named persons, his relations and next of kin, him surviving - his widow Frances Jones my informant, and two children viz, John Sydney Jones aged 6 years and Frances Adelaide Jones aged four years, residing with their mother..."

So in 1895 Frances is left having survived 2 husbands and with 4 children surviving, namely Frank Bengough Jones, William Hindmarsh Jones, Frances Adelaide Jones and John Sydney Jones.

At some point between 1896 and 1901 she moved the whole family back to England.

In the 1901 Census Frances is Head of a household at 48 Rumney Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool and her sister Anne and her family live with her, however her own children do not.
Francis Jones 48
Thomas E Hughes 19
Anne E Hughes 40
Winnifred O Hughes 7

Frances Hindmarsh
Some of Frances' children, at the time of the 1901 Census, are living with Frances' sister Isabella at 377/9 Scotland Road.
Isabella Hindmarsh 43
Jane Hindmarsh 54
William H Jones 18
John S Jones 11
Frances A Jones 9
Frances M Avery 8

Frank Bengough Jones her eldest son however is not on any census as he is away fighting the Boer War.

By the 1911 Census, Frances has joined her children and her sisters and they are living at 32 Balliol Road, Liverpool. Frances' sisters Isabella, Jane and Margaret are all unmarried. Frances' daughter Frances Adelaide appears now to have adopted just Adelaide as her name.
Isabella Hindmarsh 55
Jane Hindmarsh 63
Margaret E Hindmarsh 59
Frances Jones 61
William H Jones 27
John Sydney Jones 21
Adelaide Jones 19

Frances dies in the first quarter of 1934 in west Derby Liverpool, probably at 32 Balliol Road where her sisters continued to live for some years.

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