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William Hindmarsh 1819

William was born at Belsay Barns, Bolam, Northumberland, however soon after his birth both his mother and father died. Margaret his mother died in 1820 and Percival his father died in 1821. This left William and his older brother, Percival 1812, orphans and they were either taken in by their Uncle, their father's brother, William a grocer in Alnwick, or could have been taken in by their father's surviving sister Jane who had married John Anderson of Birdhope Crag.

His uncle, William the Grocer, had died in 1838 and soon afterwards his sister Jane Anderson
New Grocers at 44 Clayport Street
and her husband had taken over the grocery business at 44 Clayport Street, Alnwick, and parts of William, the uncle's, property was advertised to be let or sold. William, however soon sets up a grocery business of his own at 33 Clayport Street, Alnwick and in early 1839 William sets up in partnership with Mr T Willis jnr, however that partnership was dissolved in early 1840.

William marries Frances Wilkinson in February 1841 and in the 1841 Census they are both shown living in Clayport Street Alnwick.

William spends some time in Alnwick building up a business as a grocer/tea dealer and there are many references to his business in the Newcastle Courant of the day. He also acts as surety for his brother Percival when he moves from Newfoundland to Australia as a Customs Officer, ie Tide Waiter -

"£500 sureties given by William Hindmarsh of Alnwick, Tea Dealer, and John Dodds, of London, Gentleman"

William and Frances Live in Alnwick for some years and have 5 children there. William also acts as an insurance agent for some years for the Life Association of Scotland from 1850. There was a bad outbreak of cholera in the late 1840s and many people died in Alnwick and William may well have found that the population was so depleted there was insufficient trade and so expanded into insurance. In addition the loss of so many people must have brought home to the surviving population just how important it was to insure against an early death of the bread-winner.

The depletion of the population of Alnwick probably made William question whether there was any future in continuing as a grocer in a town with such a small population and so by 1851 he looks further affield and joins the Prison Service. In the 1851 Census Frances is shown as being at Bondgate Without, Alnwick staying with her parents where William and Frances' daughter Frances is born. William is not with Frances at Bondgate Without, he is shown as being at St Clement Danes in Middlesex where he is shown as a lodger with occupation Grocer. By 1852 he has already worked at Pentonville Prison and by 1853 they have moved to Dartmoor where they have 4 more children.

William and Frances' Family

Husband:William Hindmarsh
Birth: 1819 Belsay Barns, Bolam, Northumberland
Death: 09 Oct 1882 379 Scotland Rd, Liverpool, England
Marriage:05 Feb 1841 Alnwick, Northumberland, England; His occupation is grocer. His father is a  Farmer, hers a Gardener. Witnesses are William Duncan, gentleman and Isabella Duncan.

Wife: Frances Wilkinson
Birth: 08 Mar 1819 35 Bondgate Without, Alnwick, Northumberland, England
Death: 10 Dec 1896 379, Scotland Rd, Liverpool, England

Percival Hindmarsh
Birth: Jun 1842 Alnwick, Northumberland, England
Death: Sep 1871 Shropshire, United Kingdom

Mary Ann Hindmarsh
Birth: Abt. 1844 Alnwick, Northumberland, England
Marriage: 1873 Whitchurch, Shropshire
Spouse: James Alfred Balshaw Rev

Jane Hindmarsh
Birth: Jun 1847 Alnwick, Northumberland, England

Elizabeth Hindmarsh
Birth: Mar 1849 Alnwick, Northumberland, England
Marriage:24 Sep 1883 Westminster Road Congregational Church, Liverpool by Rev JA Balshaw brother-in-law of Elizabeth
Spouse: Thomas Avery

Frances Hindmarsh
Birth: 01 Apr 1851 35 Bondgate Without, Alnwick, Northumberland, England
Death: 1934 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Spouse 1:Francis Bengough Jones (24 Jul 1879 1 Gloucester St, Kensington, Victoria, Australia)
Spouse 2:John Jones (08 Apr 1886 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; She married her dead husband's brother which would have been illegal in UK.)

Margaret Elenor Hindmarsh
Birth: Sep 1853 Princetown; Lydford, Devon, England
Death: 06 Nov 1922 32 Balliol Rd Bootle, West Derby, Lancashire, England

William Young Hindmarsh
Birth: 28 Aug 1855 Princetown, Devon, England
Death: 11 Mar 1927 Ryde, Hornsbyshire, NSW, Australia
Marriage:1886 Maryborough, Victoria, Australia
Spouse: Jannetta Lloyd

Isabella Hindmarsh
Birth: 04 Aug 1857 Princetown, Devon, England
Death: 1945

Annie Ellen Hindmarsh
Birth: Mar 1860 Princetown, Devon, England
Marriage:27 Oct 1892 Westminster Congregational Church, Liverpool; Thomas Evan Hughes of (Owen Hughes and Co of Brownlow Hill)
Spouse: Thomas Evan Hughes

William works at Pentonville Prison as a steward or stockman. He then transfers to Dartmoor prison from Pentonville in March 1853, where they have 4 more children.

Sale of the Grocers Shop
"Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper (London, England),Sunday, March 13, 1853; Issue 538.
Mr Hindmarsh of the Pentonville prison is to be transferred to be steward at Dartmoor Prison"

In 1857 William sells his Grocers Shop back in Alnwick (see advert from Newcastle Courant) and then in 1859 he is involved in the paperwork required when his brother Percival Hindmarsh 1812, the Customs man, dies young in Australia. William inherits about £1300, the whole of Percival's estate.

In Dartmoor the family live with a governess and servants. Broadmoor Hospital opened in about 1863 and William transferred to work there in 1866, replacing a Mr Duncan the acting Steward.

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers
Report of the directors of convict prisons of the discipline and management of Pentonville, Millbank, and Parkhurst Prisons, and of Portland, Portsmouth, Dartmoor, Chatham, and Brixton Prisons, with F..., 1866
"...changes took place during the year : Mr. Duncan, the acting steward, was transferred to Pentonville on promotion, and was succeeded by Mr. Hindmarsh from Dartmoor prison. Mr. Howitt, schoolmaster, was transferred to Woking prison, and succeeded by......."

By 1868 however William Hindmarsh had been pensioned off despite only being in his late 40s.

Estimates for civil services 1869-70 (I.-VII.) Class I. Public works and buildings., 1868
"BROADMOOR CRIMINAL LUNATIC ASYLUM: Compensation Allowances : Hindmarsh, William; Taylor, John Acting Steward"

The fact that this is referred to as a compensation payment does make me wonder whether he was pensioned off early as a result of injury.

By the 1871 Census, William and Frances are living at 28 St Johns Road, Bootle with 1 of their children, Percival aged 29 who is unmarried and a Clerk, and Frances' sister Elizabeth Wilkinson aged 54, unmarried and a former ladies maid. She had been ladies maid to the Mitford family for many years living in Edinburgh and Kent with them. Percival, at some time after the census went to Shropshire and died there in the 3rd quarter of 1871.

William and Frances' children had a great deal of independence and in 1871 all of the daughters were either running or attending a school at 30 Dodington Street, Whitchurch, Shropshire;

Mary Ann Hindmarsh 27 Schoolmistress
Jane Hindmarsh        24 Assistant schoolmistress
Elizabeth Hindmarsh 22 (Living with Aunt)
Fanny Hindmarsh        20 Assistant schoolmistress
Margaret E Hindmarsh 17 (Living with Aunt)
Isabella Hindmarsh 13 Scholar
Annie E Hindmarsh 11 Scholar

Their Aunt and her daughter are listed;
Jane Dixon      40 (Frances Wilkinson's sister)
Mary Jane Dixon 12

Mary Ann Hindmarsh - At the time of the 1871 Census, Rev James Balshaw is a lodger at 2 Doddington St, Whitchurch, Shropshire, and subsequently Mary Ann and James marry in Whitchurch in 1873. They spend 9 years in Australia from 1884 to 1894 with their son Frank Balshaw born 1880.

Jane Hindmarsh in 1881 is working as a schoolmistress in Ulverston, Lancashire. She remains unmarried and by 1901 is living in Scotland Road with her sister.

Elizabeth Hindmarsh marries Thomas Avery in 1883 at Westminster Road Congregational Church, Liverpool
and is married by Rev JA Balshaw her brother in law. They have a daughter born 1892 Frances Margaret Avery and spend their married life in the Midlands.

Margaret Elenor Hindmarsh remains unmarried and is living with her parents in 1881 Census and by the 1891 Census is living at 379 Scotland Road with her widowed mother as a Hosier/Haberdasher. In 1901 she is recorded as being at Cerne Abbots with her sister Mary Ann and James Balshaw however by 1911 she is back in Bootle, Liverpool living with some of her sisters.

Isabella Hindmarsh also remains unmarried and is also living with her parents in the 1881 Census.

Hindmarsh Haberdashers, 379 Scotland Road

In the 1881 Census William and Frances are living at 379 Scotland Road, Liverpool where the business is described as a Hosiers, they are there with 2 daughters, Margaret and Isabella and their son William Young Hindmarsh as well as Frances' sister's daughter Mary Jane Dixon;

William Hindmarsh 63
Frances Hindmarsh 62
Margaret Hindmarsh 27
William Y. Hindmarsh 25
Isabella Hindmarsh 23
Mary Jane Dixon        23 (niece)

William Hindmarsh, the father, dies in October 1882 of angina at only 63 years old and leaves £596 15s to Frances his wife of 379 Scotland Rd, Liverpool.

By the 1891 Census Frances has been widowed for 9 years and is now living with 3 unmarried daughters and still running the Hosiery Business at 379 Scotland Road;

Frances Hindmarsh 72
Margaret Elenor Hindmarsh 37
Isabell Hindmarsh 33
Annie Ellen Hindmarsh 31

Annie Ellen Hindmarsh marries quite late at 32 to Thomas Evan Hughes 1892 at Westminster Congregational Church, Liverpool. He husband is Thomas Evan Hughes of (Owen Hughes and Co of Brownlow Hill) who is a Timber Merchant. They have a daughter Winifred Olwen Hughes. In 1901 they are shown staying with her sister Frances at 48 Rumney Road, Kirkdale, Lancashire, England. By 1911 they are living at 26 Balliol Rd, Bootle cum Linacre, Lancashire near to Isobella at 32 Balliol Road.

Frances, the mother, dies December 1896 aged 77 of "old age and debility, bronchitis" and She leaves £2728 with probate to Jane & Isobel Hindmarsh.

By the 1901 Census, Isabella, age 43, is Head of the household at 377/379 Scotland Road and now has her unmarried sister Jane age 54 living with her plus some of her sister Frances' children and her sister Elizabeth's daughter;

Isabella Hindmarsh 43
Jane Hindmarsh 54
William H Jones 18
John S Jones 11
Frances A Jones 9
Frances M Avery 8

Her nephew William H Jones, (her sister Frances' child) is now apprentice to the Timber Trade, no doubt working with Thomas Hughes, her sister Annie's husband.

At some point Isabella sells the Hosiery business at 379 Scotland Road and moves to 32 Balliol Road, Bootle before the next census in 1911. She is still working however as a Hosiery and Smallwear Dealer and her unmarried sisters Jane and Margaret still live with her. Now, however her sister Frances is now living with her too. Frances' 3 children William H, John S and Frances Adelaide are still living with Isabella.

Isabella Hindmarsh 55
Jane Hindmarsh 63
Margaret E Hindmarsh 59
Frances Jones 61
William H Jones 27
John Sydney Jones 21
Adelaide Jones 19
Sarah Plested 25 Servant

William H is still in the Timber Trade and John Sydney is now training as a Draper's Assistant.

William Young Hindmarsh

William Young Hindmarsh was, I believe named after his father but also after his father's mother Margaret Young who died whilst William, his father, was still a baby.

William Young Hindmarsh in 1881 lived with his parents in Liverpool and was a Hosier, however in September 1882 he travelled to Melbourne, Australia on the Wairarapa from Greenock, no doubt to support his sister Frances who by that time was finding life in Australia difficult. William Y Hindmarsh at age 30 marries Janetta Lloyd in Maryborough, Australia in 1886 and is married by his brother-in-law Rev James Balshaw who travelled to Australia in 1884 with his family for 9 years. William Y does not return to England and goes on to have 5 children with Janetta;

Percival Hindmarsh 1887 - 1967
William L Hindmarsh 1889
Frances Isobel Hindmarsh 1891 - 1898
Ellen Margaret Hindmarsh 1893  
Ruth Hindmarsh

William Young Hindmarsh dies in 1927 after 45 years spent in Victoria, Queensland and NSW, Australia. His son Percival Hindmarsh becomes a teacher and goes on to become a very popular and respected headmaster in Australia.

Interestingly there are some common threads developing here; Tailors/Dressmakers and Teachers. The current descendents have skills in both those areas, so quite a good argument for nature over nurture.

William Young's family is mentioned as one of the founding families of Australia and I will come back to that at some point, however now I proceed with Frances Hindmarsh, daughter of William Hindmarsh and Frances Wilkinson.

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