Hindmarsh Records in Hearth Tax 1671


Hearth Tax - Westmorland 1671

The Hearth Tax was in force from 1662 until it was repealed in 1689. It involved a 2 shilling payment to the King (Charles II) on every hearth in a house. It was collected in two instalments due at Lady Day (25 March) and Michaelmas (29 September). Although the poor were exempt from this tax they were often included, particularly in later returns. An assessment was drawn up to show what people were expected to pay and then a return was compiled recording what they actually did pay. Sometimes an assessment was marked with the payments, thereby becoming a return. One copy was retained for the Quarter Sessions while the other was sent to the Exchequer.

Hindmarsh name variants in the Hearth Tax returns for Westmorland:

HINDMER Jo. - Kirkby Stephens (2 hearths)
HINDMER Wd. - Kirkby Stephens - 1.
HINDMOORE Tho. - East Sandforth - 1.


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