Various Marriage Records For Hindmarsh

The following records listed as "Hindmarch" are from Boyd's Index:

1663 - Ann Hindmarch & Humphrey Orme married - Notts.
1723 - Robert Hindmarch & Ann Thompson - All Saints, Newcastle.
1750 - Michael Hindmarch & May Corbay married - Tanfield.
1766 - John Hindmarch & Eliz Morton married - South Shields.
1767 - Wm Hindmarch & Alice Wake married - Houghton Le Spring.
1768 - Wm Hindmarch & Isabel Lame married - Houghton Le Spring.
1768 - Elizabeth Hindmarch & John Liddel married - Heworth.
1776 - Thomas Hindmarch & Isabel White married - Sunderland.
1779 - Margaret Hindmarch & Jeremy Dimsdale married - Bath Abbey.
1794 - Jane Hindmarch & Andrew Garland married - Taunton.
1804 - Margaret Hindmarch & John Craig married - All Saints, Newcastle.
1808 - Wm Hindmarch & Ann Beck married - Stanhope, Co Durham.
1824 - Jane Hindmarch & Wm Blaiklock married - All Saints, Newcastle.
1827 - Mary Hindmarch & George Harll married - All Saints, Newcastle.
1829 - Jane Hindmarch & Fred Russell married - All Saints, Newcastle.

The following records are from Boyd's Index and listed with either the Hymas or Hymus variation:

1627 - Simon Himar & Julian Edwards married - Burwell, Camb.
1627 - Nathaniel Himas & Sus Jonson married - Bartlow, Camb.
1632 - Andrew Himar & Joan Earl married - Burwell, Camb.
1633 - Wm Himas & Elizabeth Bacon married - Wisbeck, Camb.
1640 - Nathaniel Himas & Ann Dover married - Bartlow, Camb.
1663 - Mary Himes & Alex Aimes married - Camb Sept.
1671 - Rose Himer & John Asford married - Burwell, Camb.
1674 - Rose Himer & Jacob Riner married - Wicken, Camb
1711 - Henry Himers & Mary Benson married - Mgt Lothbury, London.
1713 - Eleanor Himars & Phil Scott married - Stepney, London.
1716 - Elizabeth Himass & John Beck married - Mary at Hill, London.
1721 - Edward Himas & Cath Bigmore married - Benet Pauls Wharf, London.
1722 - Samuel Himas & Cath Hewson married - Benet Pauls Wharf, London.
1699 - Nicholas Hymas & Mary Green married - Kelloe, co Durham.
1706 - Thomas Hymas & Mary Heron married - Bishop Wearmouth.
1720 - Isobel Hymas & Thomas Marr married - Bishop Wearmouth.
1721 - Thomas Hymas & Ann Bailes married - Bishop Wearmouth.
1721 - Elizabeth Hymas & Thomas Dixon married - Wolsingham.
1725 - John Hymus & Mary Atkinson married - Brancepath

The Joiner Marriage Index

All the data listed here has been extracted from "The Joiner Marriage Index" for Brides and Grooms. The main index representing all surnames has been painstakingly compilied by Paul R.Joiner and now contains more than 385,000 names from more than 442 parishes in Northern England. The original purpose of the index was to provide access to records for those areas not covered by Boyd's Marriage Index . The records are here for the parishes in County Durham and the North Riding of Yorkshire and are detailed in chronological order by Parish.

Auckland St Helen
HINDMER Charles,1768 Auckland St Helen
HINDMARCH Elizabeth 1802 Auckland St Helen
HINDMARSH Catherine,1806 Auckland St Andrew
HINDMARSH Valentine,1810 Auckland St Helen
HINDMARSH 1822 Auckland St Helen
HINDMARSH Jane 1830 Auckland St Helen
HIMARS Elizabeth,1830   Auckland St Helen
HINDMOOR Mary,1834 Auckland St Helen
HINDMARSH Jonathan,1837 Auckland St Andrew

HYMAS Robert 1824 Aycliffe
HYMAS Mary,1828 Aycliffe
HYMASS Robert,1833 Aycliffe

Barnard Castle
HIMER Margaret,1755 Barnard Castle
HINDMOORE George,1789 Barnard Castle
HINDMOOR Ann,1815 Barnard Castle

Bishop Middleham
HINDMS Jane,1586 Bishop Middleham

HYMAS Thomas,1706 Bishopwearmouth
HYMAS Mable,1720     Bishopwearmouth
HYMAS Thomas 1721 Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARSH Edward,1730 Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARSH Abigail,1736     Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARSH John,1743 Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARSH Ann 1769     Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARSH Jane 1789     Bishopwearmouth
HYMERS Jane 1793     Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARSH William 1798 Bishopwearmouth
HINDS Frederick,1814 Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARCH Maria Eleanor,1820 Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARCH Maria,1822     Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARCH John 1823 Bishopwearmouth
HYMERS  Margaret 1824     Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARSH Margaret 1825     Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARCH John 1829 Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARCH Margaret,1829     Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARCH Edward,1831 Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARSH Frances,1832     Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARCH John 1835 Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARCH Jane 1836     Bishopwearmouth
HINDMARCH Anne Susan,1836   Bishopwearmouth

HINDMARSH Elizabeth 1778 Boldon
HINDMARCH William 1812 Boldon

HINDMIRE Thomas,1832 Bowes

HYMUS John,1725 Brancepeth
HIMERS Mary,1748 Brancepeth
HYMAS Robert,1761 Brancepeth
HINSMARSH Thomas,1803 Brancepeth
HINSMARSH William,1819 Brancepeth

Castle Eden
HINDMARCH Catherine,1835 Castle Eden

Chester Le Street
HINDMERS Anna,1601 Chester le Street
HYMARS Sarah,1731 Chester le Street
HYMERS Ann 1742 Chester le Street
HYMERS George 1776 Chester le Street
HYMERS Jane 1787 Chester le Street
HINDMARSH William,1796 Chester le Street
HINDMARSH Charles 1799 Chester le Street
HINDMARSH Elizabeth 1808 Chester le street
HINDMARSH William 1814 Chester le Street
HINDMARCH Elizabeth 1816 Chester le Street
HINDMARSH John 1822 Chester le Street
HINDMARSH Mary 1822 Chester le Street
HINDMARSH Thomas 1823 Chester le Street
HINDMARSH Elizabeth 1824 Chester le Street
HINDMARSH Ann 1825 Chester le Street
HINDMARCH Elizabeth 1827 Chester le Street

HINDMORE Jane,1788 Cleasby

HINDMER Thomas,1747 Cockfield
HINDMOOR Ann,1797 Cockfield

HINDMARCH 1827 Croxdale
HINDMARCH George,1829 Croxdale

HINDMARCH Robert,1619 Darlington
HINDMASS Ann 1752 Darlington
HINDS Andrew,1774 Darlington
HINDMARSH Isabella,1778 Darlington
HINDMARCH Ann 1807 Darlington
HYMER William,1823 Darlington

Durham St Nicholas
HYNDMARSH John,1562 Durham St Nicholas
HINDMARES Matthew,1579 Durham St Margaret
HINDMARSH Cuthbert,1582 Durham St Nicholas
HINDMARSH Richard,1584 Durham St Nicholas
HINDMERS Robert,1624 Durham St Nicholas
HINDMARSH Alice,1695 Durham St Margaret
HINDMERS Jane,1701 Durham St Mary the Less
HIMMERS, Anthony 1725 Durham Cathedral
HINDMARSH Charles,1725 Durham Cathedral
HINDENWELL Edward,1759 Durham St Nicholas
HINDMARSH Mary 1781 Durham St Nicholas
HINDMARSH Isabella 1799 Durham St Oswald
HINDMARSH 1822 Durham St Oswald
HINDMARSH Thomas 1831 Durham St Margaret
HINDMARCH Isabella 1832 Durham St Oswald
HINDMARSH Rachel,1834 Durham St Giles

HINDMARSH Jane 1835 Easington
HINDNARSH Robert,1835 Easington

Elwick Hall
HYMARS James,1787 Elwick Hall

HYNDMARS Agnes,1567 Gateshead
HINDMARCH Ann,1718 Gateshead
HINDMARSH Hannah,1746 Gateshead
HINDMARSH Ann,1757 Gateshead
HINDMARSH Mary 1793 Gateshead
HINDMARCH Thompson,1795 Gateshead
HINDMARSH Elizabeth 1796 Gateshead
HINDMARSH George 1798 Gateshead
HYMERS Jane 1799 Gateshead
HINDMARCH 1800 Gateshead
HINDMARCH Dorothy,1800g Gateshead
HINDMARCH Mary,1801 Gateshead
HINDMARCH John 1802 Gateshead
HYMERS Ann 1804 Gateshead
HINDMARSH Dorothy,1805 Gateshead
HYMERS Thomas 1808 Gateshead
HYMERS Sarah 1814 Gateshead
HINDMARCH Sarah,1814 Gateshead
HYMERS William 1821 Gateshead
HINDMARSH Elizabeth 1822 Gateshead
HINDMARCH Rachel,1822 Gateshead
HINDMARCH Elizabeth 1823 Gateshead
HINDMARSH Mary 1829 Gateshead
HINDMARCH Jane 1830 Gateshead
HINDMARSH Ann 1831 Gateshead
HINDMARCH 1832 Gateshead
HINDMARCH Joseph 1832 Gateshead
HINDMARCH 1834 Gateshead
HINDMARCH Andrew,1834 Gateshead
HINDMARSH Ann 1834 Gateshead
HINDMARCH Mary 1836 Gateshead
HINDMARCH Matthew 1836 Gateshead

HIMMERS, Anthony 1813 Guisborough

HINDMARSH John 1781 Hamsterley
HINDMARSH Parcival,1781 Hamsterley
HINDMARSH John 1806 Hamsterley
HINDMARSH Thomas 1806 Hamsterley
HINDMOOR Ann,1814 Hamsterley
HINDMOOR Elizabeth,1819 Hamsterley
HINDMOOR Richard,1820 Hamsterley
HINDMARSH Charles 1826 Hamsterley
HINDMOOR John,1832 Hamsterley
HINDMORE Thomas,1832 Hamsterley
HINDMARCH Eleanor 1833 Hamsterley
HINDMOOR Mary 1834ha Hamsterley

HINDMARSH Ann 1832 Hartlepool

HINDMARSH Robert,1710 Heworth
HINDMARSH Margaret,1727 Heworth
HYMERS Elizabeth 1746 Heworth
HINDMARSH Thomas,1763 Heworth
HYMERS Elizabeth 1765 Heworth
HINDMARSH Elizabeth,1768 Heworth
HINDMARSH George 1775 Heworth
HYMERS Elizabeth 1778 Heworth
HINDMARSH Ann 1798 Heworth
HYMERS Elizabeth 1798 Heworth
HYMERS Ann 1800 Heworth
HYMERS Maria,1802 Heworth
HINDMARSH Dorothy 1805 Heworth
HYMERS George 1805 Heworth
HYMERS Joseph,1805 Heworth
HINDMARSH James,1821 Heworth

HINDMARCH Nicholas,1694 Hilton

Houghton le Spring
HINDMAS Robert 1654 Houghton le Spring
HIMERS William,1727 Houghton le Spring
HYMERS Dorothy,1733 Houghton le Spring
HINDMARSH Jane 1756 Houghton le Spring
HINDMARCH Rebecca,1760(2) Houghton le Spring
HINDMARCH William,1767 Houghton le Spring
HINDMARCH William,1768 Houghton le Spring
HINDMARCH Isabel,1781 Houghton le Spring
HYMOURS George,1791 Houghton le Spring
HINDMARCH John 1797 Houghton le Spring
HINDMARCH William 1799 Houghton le Spring
HINDMARCH Robert 1801 Houghton le Spring
HINDMARCH John 1814 Houghton le Spring
HINDMARCH Mary 1814 Houghton le Spring
HINDMARCH Matthew,1814 Houghton le Spring
HINDMARCH William 1817 Houghton le Spring
HYMERS Robert 1821 Houghton le Spring
HINDMARSH Elizabeth 1823 Houghton le Spring
HINDMARCH 1831 Houghton le Spring

Hutton Rudby
HINDMARCH Isabella,1819 Hutton Rudby

HINDS Henry,1814 Jarrow
HINDMARSH Thomas 1815 Jarrow
HINDMARSH Luke 1816 Jarrow
HINDMARCH Catharine,1825 Jarrow
HINDMARCH Thompson 1826 Jarrow
HINDMARCH Edward 1836 Jarrow
HINDMARSH William 1837 Jarrow

HYMAS Nicholas,1699 Kelloe
HINDMARSH Jane,1731 Kelloe

HINDMARSH John 1826 Lamesley
HINDMARSH William 1826 Lamesley
HINDMARSH Cecilia,1831 Lamesley

HINDMARSH William 1827 Loftus

HINDMARCH Mary 1828 Lanchester
HINDMARCH James 1831 Lanchester

Long Newton
HINDS Thomas,1687 Long Newton
HYMAS Dorothy,1767 Long Newton

HYMERS Hannah,1796 Medomsley

HINDS Matthew,1804 Merrington
HINDS William,1832 Merrington

Middleton Leven
HYMERS Percival,1816 Middleton Leven

Middleton in Teesdale
HINDMER Christopher,1748 Middleton in Teesdale
HINDMARSH Thomas 1782 Middleton in Teesdale
HINDMERE John,1784 Middleton in Teesdale

HYNDMARSH Robert,1673 Monkwearmouth
HINEMARSH John,1734 Monkwearmouth
HINDMARCH Abigail,1736 Monkwearmouth
HINDMARCH John 1797 Monkwearmouth
HYMERS John 1799 Monkwearmouth
HINDS George,1818 Monkwearmouth
HINDMARCH James,1827 Monkwearmouth
HINDMARCH Jane 1831 Monkwearmouth
HINDMARCH Jane 1832 Monkwearmouth
HINDMARCH Maria 1834 Monkwearmouth
HINDMARCH John 1835 Monkwearmouth
HINDMARCH Mary 1835 Monkwearmouth

HINDMARSH Joseph,1786 Norton

HYMERS John,1757 Ormesby
HYMERS Jane 1791 Ormesby
HYMERS Ann 1796 Ormesby
HYMERS Thomas 1801 Ormesby
HYMERS Esther Parr,1832 Ormesby

HIMAS Isabella,1787 Osmotherley

HINDMORE Jane 1788 Pittington
HINDMARSH Isabella 1835 Pittington

HINDMARCH Thomas,1793 Penshaw
HYMERS Mary 1803pa(2) Penshaw
HINDMARCH Ann 1813 Penshaw

HINDMER Mary,1757 Romaldkirk
HINDMORE Mary,1777 Romaldkirk

HINEMERS Georg,1630 Ryton
HYNDMARCH Joseph,1720 Ryton
HYMERS Elizabeth 1723 Ryton
HYMERS Ann 1745 Ryton
HYMERS Margaret,1750 Ryton
HYMERS Mary,1752 Ryton
HYMERS Thomas,1761 Ryton
HINDMARCH John,1764 Ryton
HINDMARSH Mary 1764 Ryton
HYMERS Edward,1773 Ryton
HYMERS Thomas 1774 Ryton
HIMERS Ann,1786 Ryton
HIMERS Mary1786 Ryton
HYMERS John 1787 Ryton
HYMERS Sarah,1790 Ryton
HYMERS Margaret 1791 Ryton
HYMERS Thomas 1792 Ryton
HYMERS Margaret 1797 Ryton
HYMERS William,1798 Ryton
HINDMARSH Mary 1800 Ryton
HINDMARCH Joseph,1802 Ryton
HYMERS Robert,1805 Ryton
HYMERS Elizabeth 1806 Ryton
HYMERS Luke,1807 Ryton
HYMERS Mary 1811 Ryton
HINDMARSH Mary 1814 Ryton
HYMERS Thomas 1815 Ryton
HINDMARSH Isabella 1818 Ryton
HINDMARSH Robert,1819 Ryton
HYMERS Thomas 1819 Ryton
HYMERS Edward 1820 Ryton
HINDMARCH John 1824 Ryton
HINDMARCH William 1825 Ryton
HYMERS Mary 1828 Ryton
HYMERS Alice,1833 Ryton
HINDMARSH Edward Bearpark,1836 Ryton

HYNMERS Agnet,1589 Sedgefield

HIMERS Thomas,1774 Skelton

HIMAS Thomas,1784 Sockburn
HYMERS Robert,1797 Sockburn

South Shields St Hilda
HIMMERS Anthony,1720 South Shields St Hilda
HYMERS Ann 1742 South Shields St Hilda
HYMERS Anthony,1757 South Shields St Hilda
HINDS David,1760 South Shields St Hilda
HYMERS James,1764 South Shields St Hilda
HYMERS Charles,1765 South Shields St Hilda
HYMERS Margaret 1765 South Shields St Hilda
HYMERS John 1765 South Shield  St Hilda
HINDMARCH John 1766 South Shields St Hilda
HYMERS Margaret 1782 South Shields St Hilda
HINDMARSH George 1788 South Shield  St Hilda
HYMERS Ann 1789sy(2) South Shields St Hilda
HINDMARCH Elizabeth 1796 South Shields St Hilda
HINDMARSH Luke,1802 South Shield  St Hilda
HINDMARSH Thomas 1810 South Shields St Hilda
HINDMARCH Jane,1813 South Shields St Hilda
HYMERS William 1815 South Shields St Hilda
HINDMARSH Mary 1818 South Shields St Hilda
HINDMARSH Dorothy 1822 South Shields St Hilda
HYMERS Elizabeth 1823 South Shields St Hilda
HINDMARCH John 1825 South Shields St Hilda
HYMERS Hannah 1825 South Shields St Hilda
HINDS John,1828 South Shileds St Hilda
HINDMARCH Jane 1829 South Shields St Hilda
HYMERS Mary 1833 South Shields St Hilda
HINDMARSH Robert,1833 South Shields St Hilda
HINDS William 1834 South Shields St Hilda
HINDMARCH 1836 South Shield  St Hilda

HINDMUSS Jane,1738 Staindrop
HINDMOR Ann,1758 Staindrop
HIMERS Hannah,1770 Staindrop

HYMERS John 1798 Stainton

HINEMAS Nicholas,1666 Stanhope
HINDEMAS John,1673 Stanhope
HINDEMAS Isabel,1677 Stanhope
HINDMOSSE Anne,1694 Stanhope
HINDMASS Ann,1730 Stanhope
HINDMASS Anne,1739 Stanhope
HINDMORE Andrew,1776 Stanhope
HINDMARCH William 1808 Stanhope

HYMERS Ann,1739sza Sunderland
HYMERS Dorothy 1750 Sunderland
HYMERS Patience,1753 Sunderland
HINDMARSH Mary,1763 Sunderland
HINDMARSH Ralph,1774 Sunderland
HINDERMARCH Thomas,1776 Sunderland
HYMERS Jane,1782 Sunderland
HINDS Phillip,1785 Sunderland
HINDMARCH Elizabeth,1786 Sunderland
HINDMARSH Richard 1799 Sunderland
HINDMARSH William 1801 Sunderland
HINDMARSH Mary 1817 Sunderland
HINDS Peter,1817 Sunderland
HINDMARCH Jane 1821 Sunderland
HINDMARSH Michael,1828 Sunderland
HYMAS John,1831 Sunderland
HINDMARSH Ann 1832 Sunderland
HINDMARSH Margaret 1832 Sunderland
HINDMARSH George 1836 Sunderland

HINDMARCH 1824 Tanfield

HINDMARSH George,1720 Washington
HYMERS Joshua,1765 Washington

West Rainton
HINDMARCH Ellen,1829 West Rainton
HINDMARSH Ann 1830 West Rainton
HINDS Martin,1831 West Rainton

HYNMERS Henry,1606 Whickham
HYNMERS Elizabeth,1607 Whickham
HYNMERS George,1612 Whickham
HYNMERS Elizabeth 1613 Whickham
HINEMERS Robert,1632 Whickham
HYNEMARS Izabell,1642 Whickham
HINDMARR Thomas,1646 Whickham
HINDMARS William,1646 Whickham
HINDMARS George,1650 Whickham
HINDMASS Mary,1653 Whickham
HINDMERS Mathew,1660 Whickham
HIMERS Raphe,1676 Whickham
HINDMERS Margret,1686 Whickham
HINDMERS Ralph,1689 Whickham
HINDMERS Thomas,1689 Whickham
HYNDMASS George,1692 Whickham
HINDMERS George,1703 Whickham
HINDMERS Ellener,1716 Whickham
HINDMERS Ralph 1723 Whickham
HINDMERS Mary,1724 Whickham
HINDMARSH Robert 1738 Whickham
HINDMER Ralph,1742 Whickham
HYMERS Ann 1751 Whickham
HINDMARSH Margaret 1753 Whickham
HINDMARSH John 1757 Whickham
HYMERS Isable,1786 Whickham
HINDMARSH John 1798 Whickham
HYMERS Susanna,1819 Whickham
HINDMARSH Jane 1824 Whickham

HINDMAS Robert,1603 Whitburn
HINDMARSH Luke 1831 Whitburn

HIMYS Peter,1785 Whitby

HYMERS George,1764 Whitworth

Witton le Wear
HYMEMER John,1644 Witton le Wear

HYMAS Elizabeth,1721 Wolsingham
HINDMARSH Margaret 1736 Wolsingham
HINDMARCH Eleanor,1811 Wolsingham
HINDMARCH Jane 1822 Wolsingham
HINDMARCH George 1830wi Wolsingham

HYMERS Elizabeth,1694 Yarm
HYMERS Thomas 1784 Yarm


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