Hindmarsh Harbottle Presbyterian Records

We looked at records at Percy House and at Woodhorn however these were transcriptions and we spotted errors which we checked using the IGI, however after 1812 the IGI is not complete. Here is a list of any relevant records we found in film M2032 and at Percy House.

Hindmarsh in Harbottle Records at Percy House - NC7

5  Feb 174? Dorothy daughter of Parceval and Eleanor Hindmarsh of Rookland, 4 Feb
22 Jun 1752 James son of Parceval and Eleanor Hindmarsh of Rookland, 18 Jun
10 Mar 1755 Thomas son of Parceval and Eleanor Hindmarsh of Rookland, 10 Mar
17 Feb 1755 Dorothy daughter of Thomas Hindmarsh of Craig, Elsdon, born 15 Feb, baptised 17 Feb
2  Jan 1759 George son of Parceval and Eleanor Hindmarsh of Rookland, 29 Dec
29 Oct 1759 Isabel daughter of Thomas of Lanshot, Elsdon, 29 Oct
14 Aug 1763 Susannah daughter of Edward Hindmarsh of Holystone, 14 Aug
13 Jul 1784 James son of Parceval and Ann Hindmarsh of Puncherton A'ton, 12 Jul
17 Jan 1795 Jane daughter of Alexander Hindmarsh of Peels and Isabella, 7 Jan
31 Mar 17?? Henry son of Henry Hindmarsh of Flint Crag (deceased) and Alicy (mother sponsor), 23 Mar
24 Sep 178? Francis son of Robert Hindmarsh of High Shaws, Elsdon and Jane, 9 Sep

NB Inserted here by desire the children to William Hindmarsh and Margaret Grieve his wife in Carshope, Parish of Alwinton
William son born 7/10/1790
Walter son born 20/1/1792
Thomas son born 6/1/1794
Elizabeth daughter born 25/11/1795
Adam son born 1/10/1797
Jane daughter born 29/4/1802
Alexander son born 29/5/1805
All baptised Harbottle Scotland

27 Aug 1807 Margaret Hindmarsh daughter of Percival Hindmarsh and Margaret of Linshiels
23 Oct 1807 Isabella Hindmarsh daughter of William Hindmarsh and Margaret Grieve his wife born at Carshope, Parish of Alwinton
28 Apr 1812 John 7th son of William Hindmarsh shepherd Whollope by his wife Margaret Grieve, born at Whollope, Parish of Alwinton 10 Apr and baptised 28 Apr 1812

In the records it says;
The session have reason to believe the above faithful and correct register for the year 1812 ..... Thomas Hindmarsh, Elder

Hindmarsh, William 1st son of Thomas Hindmarsh shepherd Linbridge of Carshope, Alwinton Parish by his wife Isabella daughter of Joseph Elliot, shepherd Clennell, born 4 Jul baptised 2 Aug 1820

(NB only got as far as page 34 of Harbottle Prebyterian Births and Baptisms 1803-1856 NC7)

Hindmarsh & Other Possible Related Names in Harbottle Presbyterian Records NRO Film M2032 from 1736

In a note before the baptisms it says;

"Dec 3rd 1736 - from George Heinmers due at ..... last 6s8d for his seat"

29 Dec 1739 George so Parcival and Eleanor Heinmers Rookland (Jan 2nd)
4 Feb 1741 Dorothy do Parcival and Eleanor Heinmers Rookland
29 Jul 1742 Parcival so Parcival and Eleanor Heinmers Rookland (Jul 30th)
18 Apr 1743 Susannah do John and Ann Nesbit Peels (19th Apr)
14 Mar 1745 Ellioner do Parcival Heinmers Rookland (18 Mar)
13 Mar 1747 James so Parcival Heinmers Rookland (Mar 15th)
18 Dec 1748 Anne do Thos Heinmers of Craig (Dec 21st Elsdon Par)
8 Feb 1749 Wm so Parcival Heinmers Rookland (Feb 13)
17 Feb 1750 Mary do Parcival Heinmers Rookland (Feb 19)
27 Apr 1750 Mary do Thomas Kirkup, Netherton
21 Oct 1751 Katherine do Thos Heinmers Craig (Oct 25th Elsdon)
1751        Robert so John Young Burrowdon
18 Jun 1752 James so Parcival Heinmers Rookland (Jun 22)
June 5th 1754 James so Henry Dodds, Sharperton (June 6th) Baptism by Mr Kirkup the mother's brother, Susannah
15 Feb 1755 Dorothy do Thos Heinmers Craig (Feb 17th Elsdon)
10 Mar 1755 Thomas so Parcival Heinmers Rookland (10 Mar)
26 Mar 1759 Henry so Percival Hindmarsh of Rookland, 19
29 Oct 1759 Isabel do Thomas Hindmarsh Lanshot nr Elsdon
11 Apr 1760 Elizabeth do Thomas Kirkup Netherton
31 Aug 1760 Thomas so Andrew Anderson Caistron nr Rothbury
29 Oct 176? Jennet do John Young Warton Slobsheads
30 Aug 1762 Jean do John Kirkup Low Stokoe
20 May 1762 Ann do Andrew Anderson
25 Mar 1762 Susannah do Henry Dodds Sharperton
20 Mar 1764 Juda do John Young Netherton
2  Dec 1765 Henry so Henry Dodds Sharperton
1768        Mark so John Clark Peels
15 Aug 1767 John so John Young Greenhills Whittingham
1769        Jane do John Young Thropton, Rothbury
11 Jan 1771 Ann do Christopher Arcle Harbottle
6  Jun 1771 John so Robert Anderson Barrow Haugh
27 Jul 1771 Isabel do Aran Dun Holystone
17 Sep 1772 Parcival so Robert Anderson Barrow Haugh
30 Mar 1773 Elizabeth do Thomas Anderson Alnham
3  Jun 1773 Robert so Aran Dunn Holystone
10 Oct 1775 James & George so Aaron Dunn Sharperton
13 May 1777 Joseph so Christopher Arcle Sharperton
5  Oct 1777 Aaron so Aaron Dunn Foxton
17 Jul 1778 Robert & Eleanor Anderson had Robert, High Farnham
19 Sep 1778 Thomas & Ann Anderson had Thomas, Dodhouse
25 Jun 1779 John & Margaret Anderson had John, High Hinton
22 Jun 1779 Aaron & Ann Dunn had Agnes, Foxton
30 mar 1780 Percival & Ann Hindmarsh had William, Puncherton
24 Apr 1780 Robert & Eleanor Anderson had Isabella, High Farnham
30 Oct 1780 Thomas & Ann Anderson had John, Dodhouse
27 Dec 1780 John & Mary Anderson had Elenor, Haigh
14 Jan 1781 Matthew & Eleanor Anderson had John, Barrowmill
29 Apr 1781 Percival & Ann Hindmarsh had Percival, Puncherton
7  Nov 1791 Aaron & Ann Dunn had Margaret, Foxton
13 Sep 1792 Percival & Ann Hindmarsh had Eleanor, Puncherton
25 Mar 1783 Alice widow of Henry Hindmarsh had Hendry, Flinty Crag
23 Apr 1784 Robert & Eleanor Anderson had Margaret, High Farnham
12 Jul 1784 Percival & Ann Hindmarsh had James, Puncherton
5  Mar 1786 John & Mary Young had Mary, Todlaw Moor
21 Mar 1786 Thomas & Ann Anderson had Ann, Caistron
7  Sep 1786 Robert & Jane Hindmarsh had Frances, High Haugh
11 Jul 1787 Percival & Mary Hindmarsh had Jane, Cottonsupeburnfoot (NB on IGI it says wife is Anne which I believe to be correct)
13 Jan 1788 Robert & Eleanor Anderson had James, High Farnham
26 Jul 1789 James & Isabella Stuart had William at Rookland
28 Aug 1791 Percival & Mary Hindmarsh had Anne, Cottonsupeburnfoot (NB on IGI it says wife is Anne which I believe to be correct)
1  Oct 1791 Henry & Hannah Young had Mary, Peels
15 Jan 1792 James & Isabella Stuart had Joseph, Rookland
6  Jan 1792 George 7 Isabella Anderson had John, Allenton
15 May 1793 Robert Young had John, Whittingham
17 Jan 1796 Alexander & Isabella Hindmarsh had Jane, Peels
15 Mar 1797 Henry & Hannah Young had Henry, Peels
3 May 1797 Robert & Mary Dunn had Nancy, Lightpipe Hall
27 Aug 1797 William & Mary Hindmarsh had Robert, Rothbury
21 Oct 1797 John & Mary Young had Mary, Holystone
27 Mar 1798 Michael & Elsbeth Young had Matthew
23 Apr 1798 Alexander & Isabella Hindmarsh had William, Peels
5  Nov 1799 John & Mary Young had Mary, Holystone
8  Feb 1800 Michael & Elizabeth Young had Thomas, High Kidland
25 Jul 1801 Henry & Hannah Young had Elizabeth, Peels
20 Feb 1802 Ralf & Margaret Young had Elizabeth, Rothbury
6  Jun 1802 Michael & Elizabeth Young had John, ? haugh

A Rough Look at Who is Recorded From Various Sources as Living at Peels, Harbottle

30 Ap 1719 Margaret do James Hood, Peels Fulling Mill
25 Apr 1724 George so John Hymers, Peels
10 Nov 1729 Janes wife of John Alder, Peels died
Apr 1730 Patience do Michael Mills, Peels

Harbottle Presbyterian Church - the order of seats 1737 gives
(2) Edw Robson, Battleshiel Haugh, Mark Armstrong, Betty Miller, Peels, Marg Davyson, Alenton - 5 to sit here
(4) John Robson, Peels
(8) James Burn, Peels
(10) Geo Potts, Peels

Apr 1737 Mary do Thomas Greene
Bap 21 Jun 1741 Betty do Matthew and Jane Bell, Peels Fulling Mill
13 Apr 1746 Thos so George Fagan servant at Cuttleside
27 Jul 1755 Jane wife of Matthew Bell, Peels Wack Mill

1841 Census lists the following as living at Peels;
Henry Dodds, Matthew Turnbull, John Grey, Lionel Butiment, Wm Murray, Wm Wardle

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