Francis Bengough Jones 1843

Frank or Francis was born 1843 in Eardsley, Herefordshire to Thomas Jones and Anne Bengough. Although his father was a farmer, Frank worked as a patterner in the tailoring trade.  When Frank was about 22 years old, he and his family who were heirs to Thomas Williams, farmer of Llanbadarn-Y-Garreg. Frank's father Thomas was the nephew of Thomas Williams. Complications regarding the estate led to a Chancery action taken out by David Powell, the executor of Thomas William's will, against the whole Jones family. This action is described in the Bengough Jones chapter.

Finally as a result of this action, the farm owned by Thomas Williams was ordered to be sold in July 1866. Although the action by David Powell was in respect of a considerable amount of unpaid expenses, no doubt the sale of the farm raised some money for the estate and so by about 1866/7 Frank would have come into his small inheritance.

Frank's first marriage was to Mary Ellen Kerridge in 1868 in York. Francis and Mary Ellen had 2 children but both children had died, as had Mary Ellen, by the time Frank travelled to Australia in 1876. In the 1871 Census Frank and Mary Ellen are living in Liverpool at 86 Crown Street. Frank's occupation is Patterner and they have one year old Isabella living with them, however by 1873 Mary Ellen, Isabella and another child have died.

Frank's First Marriage

Husband:Francis Bengough Jones
Birth: 23 Oct 1843 in Marden, Herefordshire, England
Death: 12 Mar 1883 in Kensington, South Australia
Marriage:14 May 1868 in York, Yorkshire, England

Wife: Mary Ellen Kerridge
Birth: Jun 1844 in Stowmarket Suffolk, England
Death: Mar 1873 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Father: John Kerridge
Mother: Elizabeth

Isabella Jones
Birth: 1870 in Liverpool, England
Death: Abt. 1873
Another: name unknown
Death: about 1873

Aenone Shipping List
The death of Frank's first family is shown in the documentation for Frank's second marriage (to Frances Hindmarsh in Australia) which, in 1879 records;

"...Condition: Widower, If Widower: former wife deceased in 1873, children 2, living none, dead 2..."

In 1876 Frank travels to Australia on the ship Aenone with his brother John Jones and his nephew Frank Bengough Jones (his brother James' 3 year old son) plus there is a WR Jones on the same ship aged 20 but he may or may not be related.

Frank had, when in Liverpool, lived less than a mile from where the Hindmarsh's lived and it is quite possible that Frank and Frances had known each other in Liverpool and had kept in touch with a view to marrying in the future. Frances Hindmarsh travels to Australia in the summer of 1879, Frank meets up with Frances and only 3 weeks after she lands in Australia they married on 24 Jul 1879 in 1 Gloucester St, Kensington, Victoria, Australia.

The majority of the rest of Frank's life and family with Frances is already documented in Francis Hindmarsh's chapter.

Frank died in 1883 at the age of 39 from TB, after less that 4 years of marriage to Frances and leaving 2 small children, Frank Bengough Jones aged 3 and William Hindmarsh Jones, a baby. He left in his estate about £76 in Australia and just over £15 in England. A total sum of around £90 which in today's world is £39,900.00 using average earnings as the multiplier. This was not a massive sum however it would seem that property prices were very cheap at that time as his estate does involve sale of a property in Australia.


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